Caring for Your Baby Here and at Home

Caring for Your Baby Here and at Home

Dear Parent,

You are the most important person in your baby’s life.

We want to help you:

  • Understand your baby’s developmental and medical needs

  • Prepare for taking care of your baby

  • Know how to get the resources and services you and your baby may need

  • Focus on parenting

That's why we have compiled a list of resources for you to use both during your baby hospital stay and at home. We have divided these resources into sections which are listed below:

  • General Information: This section includes family guidelines, insurance information, WIC, care team members and more.

  • Medical Equipment in the NICU: This page will help you navigate the different medical equipment your baby is currently using.

  • Your Part in Research: Research is an important part of our NICUs. Find out more about how and why to participate in research studies.

  • Developmental Care: From kangaroo care to tummy time, this section is all about your baby's developmental milestones and how you can help him/her reach them.

  • Feeding, Nutrition and Growth: This section covers breastfeeding, pumping, oral stimulation and growth charts.

  • Test, Procedures and Treatments: This section has some more in depth information about the tests all babies receive before leaving the hospital.

  • Medicine: Immunization schedules and medicine safety are covered in this section.

  • Resources at Home: We want to help you take care of your baby once he/she is discharged. These resources cover everything from fevers to colic.

  • Discharge, Follow-up and Clinic Visits: Information and helpful resources for clinic visits.

  • Common Terms: You are going to hear a lot of medical jargon in the NICU. You can always ask question but this list of common terms will be a great guide to reference during your stay.

diabetes toolkit

NICU Tools4U Program

Track your NICU baby’s developmental milestones, record feedings, access baby basics and more through our free myChildren’s mobile application.

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External Resources (Apps for Parents)

The following apps are available for download in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

  • NICU Words: Features of this app include concise list of medical terms and medical machinery, description of roles of medical personnel in NICU, search function to help you search for words, and over 170 words and terms featured

  • Connect2NICU: This app includes information on NICU terminology, equipment and care team members as well as providing resources based on your hospital location.

  • My Baby Today:Track your baby's development with a personalized daily calendar, get expert advice on sleep, feeding, health, safety, baby care, age-appropriate activities, and more and connect with parents whose babies were born the same month as yours.

  • Aimee's Babies: An early childhood development company, founded by a pediatric occupational therapist for parents, therapists, pediatricians and anyone trying to give a child the best start possible.

NICU Parents Discuss Having a Child in the NICU

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