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Bariatric Surgery Support Group

The Bariatric Surgery Support Group at Nationwide Children's Hospital allows you to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with others who are either about to have surgery, or who have already had surgery. Having support from family, friends and even others who have experienced weight loss surgery is very important to your success before and after bariatric surgery.

As part of preparation for weight loss surgery, attending at least two (2) support group meetings is a requirement at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Bariatric Surgery Support Group Meeting Benefits

  • Support groups have been shown to increase the chances of short and long-term patient success following bariatric surgery.
  • Actively participating in a weight loss surgery support group will not only make the tough times easier, but it has also been proven to result in as much as 12% more excess weight loss and a 10% lower body mass index.
  • Group members are surrounded by people who understand and have similar goals.
  • Support groups address psychosocial issues affecting patients and families.
  • Group topics are informative and discussions engaging.
  • It is an opportunity for family members to be educated on the process, receive support and understand the important role they play in your success.
  • You get the opportunity to share your story.

What can I expect from a Bariatric Surgery Support Group Meeting?

  • To be treated with respect
  • The expectation for you to respect others
  • An expectation to follow the group rules
  • An inviting and relaxing environment
  • An opportunity to participate in discussions and ask questions.


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